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There is an art to framing art. It’s not about matching your home décor or complimenting a room’s wallpaper. Fine custom framing aims to add to the nature of the piece itself, to complete it so that it will stand well on its own wherever it is placed. A proper frame also protects its contents from the ravages of time and environment. At Mitre & Bevel, our quality framing services are trusted by artists, galleries, collectors and museums to protect, preserve and display items of historic, aesthetic, sentimental and monetary value. Upgraded services at another frame shop are standard at ours, including UV filtering glass, conservation grade materials, reversible mounting, etc. We have framed everything from inexpensive posters to priceless originals, and from miniscule to gargantuan in size. Our designers are skilled professionals who work hard to construct an attractive frame that fulfills form and function, creating a finished piece that is shown to perfection.

We also offer our exclusive brand of pre made frames. Designed and produced in house with the same high quality materials and expert care used in any of our custom orders. Come see for yourself. Their prices are truly unbelievable!

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